Motorcycle flags sometimes have problems.  Usually these show up as fraying on the flapping edge or flying off unexpectedly.  These problems are usually caused by a few common reasons.  A photo of your flag on the bike can help us quickly diagnose the problem.  It doesn't help to send a new flag if the original problem has not been corrected.

Frequently asked questions:

1.  Flags wear out almost immediately.  This could be the fault of the flag, but is usually caused by the flag striking something or another flag.

Ans A.  If you mount anything on your luggage rack, either wrap your flags with the double-sided Velcro strip included with your flag, or remove your flags until the cause if found.  Both antenna and flagpole mount flags will hit whatever is mounted to a luggage rack, especially rack-mounted bags with the heavy Velcro mounting straps.

Ans B.  If you have luggage rack mounted flagpoles, try to space them as far apart as possible.

2.  If your flag is moving up or down your antenna, please review the installation directions and that you received the correct mounting kit with all parts for your flag mount type (antenna or flagpole).

Ans.  Flags mounted on 1/8 inch diameter antennas (Gold Wings and Harleys) should be mounted as low as possible, under the CB load coil.  When installed correctly, the flag will swivel around the antenna and not move up or down.

3.  I have a 12 inch flagpole.  Do you make larger flags? 

Ans.  Yes, we make some 11x14 flags.  You can also use one 6x10 and one 4.5x9 flag as seen in this photo from one of our flag customers.

4. Some motorcycle antennas are less than 1/8 inch diameter and the plastic clips will not hold effectively. 

Ans.  For these we recommend using the flagpole/universal mount instructions on the back of the Flagpole mounting kit instructions.

5.  Antenna mount flags open up at the top and bottom of the White Velcro strips in the White webbing. 

Ans.  This is because the Velcro is cut at the ends as part of the manufacturing process.  The flags will not separate completely, but may be bothersome.  There are two extra zip-ties to install at the top and bottom of the Velcro .  Use a small punch to get through the tough Velcro backing.  See the Blue Zip ties in the photo on the Flag Installation page.

6.  Can I wash my flag? 

Ans.  Yes.  Your flag is made and printed onto fabric similar to clothing.  Remove your flag and put in the wash with like colors, but hang to dry or mount on bike right away.  Let us know if you need replacement mounting parts.

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